DORIT Pre-fabricated crucibles

Pre-fabricated crucibles for induction furnaces offer numerous decisive advantages, especially outstanding cost-efficiency. As a ready-to-install product, they are quickly fitted so that the furnace is up and running within a short time. This also applies when it comes to removal and the short time until the respective product is available again. The reduction of the time requirement for installation and removal results in a significant increase in the productivity of the melting furnace. The benefit to occupational safety is also worth mentioning: The use of pre-fabricated crucibles requires a backfilling compound that is free of small quartz particles, which consequently reduces the occurrence of fine particles posing a risk to health when lining a furnace. Our range of products includes pre-fabricated DORIT crucibles for melting iron, steel and copper alloys in furnaces with capacities of up to five tonnes.

DORIT broschures:

DORIT prefabricated crucible furnaces for coreless induction furnaces